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Greentech Media Developer of Imperiled Midwest Transmission Line Says It's 'Not a Great Signal' for Wind Power
A decision this week from an Illinois appellate court puts the 780-mile Grain Belt Express transmission project back in jeopardy, weeks after the Missouri Supreme Court agreed to hear the developer's case. The case in Illinois, filed by landowners and
Science Daily New understanding of parasite biology might help stop malaria ...
Researchers made an important step toward deeper understanding of how malaria blood stage parasites turn the switch to become transmissible to other humans. This knowledge is fundamental for future research aiming to interrupt malaria transmission.
World's first observation of spin arrangements using neutron ...
For the first time in the world, NIMS, JAEA and J-PARC jointly succeeded in observing electron spin arrangements in sample materials by applying a neutron beam to a sample and quantifying the neutrons transmitted through
Fast, high capacity fiber transmission gets real for data centers
The off-line proof-of-principle experiments first demonstrating the high capacity, error-free 400 Gb/s WDM transmission capitalized on a very high spectral efficiency to boost capacity in the fiber. While this is not the first real-time implementation

Thematic Books

Electro magnetic Waves and Transmission Lines
Electro magnetic Waves and Transmission Lines
Published by Technical Publications 2009
ISBN 8184314949,9788184314946
916 pages
HVDC Power Transmission Systems
HVDC Power Transmission Systems
Published by New Age International 1990
ISBN 8122401023,9788122401028
289 pages
Hvdc Transmission Technology Is Fast Advancing And Its Applications Are Rapidly Expanding. This Book Presents The Various Aspects Of Hvdc Technology In Sufficient Depth To A Beginner. In Addition, It Also Includes The Analysis And Simulation Of Ac-Dc System Interactions Which Are Of Importance In The Planning, Design And Operation Of Hvdc Systems. The Book Gives Up-To-Date Information And Integrates Material That Has Been Scattered In Several Journals.The Book Is Divided Into Two Parts. The...
Transmission Lines & Waveguides
Transmission Lines & Waveguides
Published by Technical Publications
ISBN 8184310242,9788184310245
Transmission Electron Microscopy
Transmission Electron Microscopy
Published by Springer Science & Business Media 2009
ISBN 9780387765006,038776500X
760 pages
This groundbreaking text has been established as the market leader throughout the world. Profusely illustrated now in full colour throughout, the book provides the necessary instructions for successful hands-on application of this versatile materials characterization technique.
The Transmission of Affect
The Transmission of Affect
Published by Cornell University Press 2004
ISBN 0801488621,9780801488627
227 pages
The idea that one can soak up someone else's depression or anxiety or sense the tension in a room is familiar. Indeed, phrases that capture this notion abound in the popular vernacular: "negative energy," "dumping," "you could cut the tension with a knife." The Transmission of Affect deals with the belief that the emotions and energies of one person or group can be absorbed by or can enter directly into another. The ability to borrow or share states of mind, once historically and culturally...

Bing news

It’s been virtually unchanged (other than color) since. This nearly indestructible little dirt bike has an air-cooled 49cc two-stroke motor, a single-speed transmission with a centrifugal clutch, and maintenance-free shaft drive. An adjustable throttle ...
SPIED: 2016 Toyota Prius shows interior for first time!
First off, while much of the control layout appears to have been retained, the interior looks to be more conventional than before, with a more upright centre console and a more horizontal transmission tunnel. Other interesting new items include the much ...
Lower inflation ups bankers' hopes for more rate cuts by RBI
Apart from further softening in inflation, the RBI said transmission of its policy rates into lending by banks, impact of the monsoons and the US Fed's stance will be the key factors it will look out for. On transmission, where the RBI says banks have ...
Automatic Transmission Services on all vehicles including;
Automatic Transmission Services on all vehicles including;
manual transmission (JPG, 797 KB) Consumption-optimized transmission ...
manual transmission (JPG, 797 KB) Consumption-optimized transmission ...

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