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KGO-TV Police investigating spray painting of Suisun City man's car as a hate crime
Steve Wilson, 61, of Suisun City, is trying to drive his Champagne-colored SUV as little as possible right now, because of the messages scrawled on the front, back and sides in black spray paint. KGO. By Eric Thomas. Wednesday, December 13, 2017 09
Devon Live Vigilantes spray paint 'rapist lives here' onto Teignmouth mum's ...
Kerry, 34, has moved into the home of a man who appeared in court over an accusation of rape - and now vigilantes have left her fearing for her safety.
New York Daily News Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted 'borrowed' spray paint from Mr. Brainwash
The trio teamed up to paint a giant piece on the side of the Art Miami Pavilion on Saturday. But Newsted hadn't brought enough art supplies to town, where he was showing off his RAWK exhibition throughout the week. “Newsted ran out of paint three
Salt Lake Tribune Utah artist wants to paint a panther mural on the side of a South Salt Lake strip club — but officials say it ...
Utah artist wants to paint a panther mural on the side of a South Salt Lake. (Rick Egan | The ) Shae Petersen in front of one of his murals on 300 West and 3300 South in Salt Lake City. Petersen is a muralist trying to get a mural

Thematic Books

Spray Paint the Walls
Spray Paint the Walls
Published by PM Press 2011
ISBN 9781604865844,1604865849
432 pages
Black Flag were the pioneers of American Hardcore, and this is their blood-spattered story. Formed in Hermosa Beach, California, in 1978, they made and played brilliant, ugly, no-holds-barred music for eight brutal years on a self-appointed touring circuit of America’s clubs, squats, and community halls. They fought with everybody—the police, the record industry, and even their own fans—and they toured overseas on pennies a day in beat-up trucks and vans. This history tells Black Flag’s story...
Spray Paint Paper Crafts
Spray Paint Paper Crafts
Published by Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. 2015
ISBN 1579909957,9781579909956
127 pages
Who would have imagined it? New ideas for using spray paint—yes, spray paint—in paper crafting! Better known for its practical uses, aerosol paint actually produces surprisingly elegant, sophisticated, and creative effects. These fantastic projects come from Krylon, the largest manufacturer of spray paint in the world and a brand favored by hobbyists for its acid-free, archival quality. Crafters will first learn the art of creating their own specialty papers with such simple skills as...
The Spray-Paint Mystery
The Spray-Paint Mystery
Published by Turtleback 1996
ISBN 0613003071,9780613003070
When someone begins painting graffiti on walls throughout the town, Cameron Thompson, a detective's son, teams up with his best friend, Tarann, to figure out if a new kid, a school artist, or a scary guy is the culprit.
How to Paint Your Car
How to Paint Your Car
Published by Motorbooks 2013
ISBN 9781610587570,161058757X
192 pages
How to Paint Your Car reveals the techniques, tricks, and technology behind automotive painting through 400 color photos, clear captions, detailed text, and step-by-step how-to sequences. You’ll learn the latest information about paint chemistry, waterborne paints, spray guns, body fillers, surface prep, site prep, as well as respirators and other safety gear that every automotive painter must know. With step-by-step detail, you’ll learn how to properly prepare your car for paint work,...
Airbrushing and Spray Painting Manual
Airbrushing and Spray Painting Manual
Published by Specialist Interest Model Books Limited 1984
ISBN 0852428022,9780852428023
174 pages
Comprehensive coverage of airbrushing includes materials, spraying techniques, customizing practices, special techniques for models, and practice techniques

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Hold it! San Francisco uses paint to fight public urination
San Francisco now has multiple public walls covered with a repellant paint that makes pee spray back on the offender. It's the city's latest attempt to clean up urine-soaked alleyways and walls. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg) Public urination has gotten so bad in ...
Hold it! San Francisco tests pee-repellant paint as it battles public urination
SAN FRANCISCO – Public urination has gotten so bad in San Francisco that the city has painted nine walls with a repellant paint that makes pee spray back on the offender. It's the latest effort to address a chronic problem in a city where the head of ...
Wrights Hardware adds inventory, new paint department
We’re fully stocked with primers for your decks, porches and/or floors. We’ve expanded our lines of spray paints and stains and everything else to get your painting job done. What makes your business unique? No matter what home project you have ...
Spray Paint
Spray Paint
Mettalic Spray Paint (SP-3005)
Mettalic Spray Paint (SP-3005)
Spray Paint Can
Spray Paint Can

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