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Hot Rod Network 6 New Speed Parts For Car Crafters!
Specialty Vehicle Builders—a constructor of Factory Five kit cars—is offering its own line of Hilborn-style stack fuel injected engines to the general public (dealer inquiries are welcome). Crate engine families include small-block Chevy, big-block
Ward's Auto Key Features of '19 Nissan Altima's VC Engine
It switches between multi-point and direct fuel injection, the former for more complete low-load combustion, the latter for performance, efficiency and knock avoidance at high compression ratios. Its world-first thermal-insulated resin intake port
Hot Rod Network Powertrain Components For The Road Tour Ahead
Hughes has found GM's 4L60E and 4L80E transmissions are the ideal for performance applications, and thanks to their bellhousing system these transmissions can be installed behind a wide variety of non-GM, such as our small-block Ford engines, without
SOFREP (press release) Why don't we see Mad Max style vehicles in actual warfare?
Just as many of the comments pointed out, the story and the pictures elicit images of a real-life Mad Max, blasting through Bosnian combat zones, repelling bullets and smashing through barriers with the “mine pusher” mounted on its nose. Assuming

Thematic Books

Motorcycle Fuel Injection Handbook
Motorcycle Fuel Injection Handbook
ISBN 1610590945,9781610590945
Hypermixer Pylon Fuel Injection for Scramjet Combustors
Hypermixer Pylon Fuel Injection for Scramjet Combustors
Published by ProQuest 2015
ISBN 9780549921929,0549921923
173 pages
Fueling the core airflow of a circular or elliptical scramjet combustor cross-section often requires intrusive geometries. Intrusive geometries can distribute the fuel evenly across the combustor cross-section and act as a flameholder for the fuel/air mixture. Compared to conventional transverse or angled wall injection, intrusive geometries allow easier penetration into the core combustor airflow and reduced fuel injection pressures. The design and testing of an intrusive pylon geometry for...
Diesel Engines. Cradle Mounted In-Line Fuel Injection Pumps. Mounting Dimensions
ISBN 0580293130,9780580293139
10 pages
Diesel engines, Fuel injectors, Injection pumps, Engine fuel systems, Internal combustion engines, Engine components, Dimensions, Dimensional tolerances, Cradles (supporting devices), Seatings, Road vehicle components
Diesel Engines. End-Mounting Flanges for Pumps. Fuel Injection Pumps
ISBN 0580529088,9780580529085
18 pages
Diesel engines, Flanges, Fuel injectors, Engine fuel systems, Injection pumps, Dimensions, Flanged fittings, Tolerances (measurement), Internal combustion engines, Road vehicles
Automotive Spark-Ignited Direct-Injection Gasoline Engines
Automotive Spark-Ignited Direct-Injection Gasoline Engines
Published by Elsevier 2000
ISBN 008055279X,9780080552798
128 pages
The process of fuel injection, spray atomization and vaporization, charge cooling, mixture preparation and the control of in-cylinder air motion are all being actively researched and this work is reviewed in detail and analyzed. The new technologies such as high-pressure, common-rail, gasoline injection systems and swirl-atomizing gasoline fuel injections are discussed in detail, as these technologies, along with computer control capabilities, have enabled the current new examination of an...

Bing news

FTI predicts further decline in car sales
The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) is set to cut this year's projection for domestic car sales to 800,000 vehicles from 850,000 in view of mounting downside risks ... Thai economy is in dire need of a cash injection to boost consumer purchasing ...
Toyota Completes Tacoma Tour 2016 in BC
The new Tacoma features a strengthened chassis and frame, powered by a 160hp 2.7L 4 cylinder in 4×2 Access Cab and SR5 trim, and an all new 270hp 3.5L Atkinson cycle V6 featuring both direct and port fuel injection ... with a GoPro mount, as well as ...
Rare 1955 Alloy MBZ 300 SL “Gullwing” To Hammer At Monterey
215 hp, 2,996 cc SOHC inline 6-cylinder engine with Bosch mechanical fuel injection, 4-speed manual transmission ... The alloy bodies are known to deteriorate at the mounting points, where aluminum meets steel. As a result, almost all lightweight examples ...
Victor Reinz® - Fuel Injection Throttle Body Mounting Gasket
Victor Reinz® - Fuel Injection Throttle Body Mounting Gasket
Fel-Pro® 60821 - Fuel Injection Throttle Body Mounting Gasket
Fel-Pro® 60821 - Fuel Injection Throttle Body Mounting Gasket
Fel-Pro® - Fuel Injection Throttle Body Mounting Gasket
Fel-Pro® - Fuel Injection Throttle Body Mounting Gasket

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