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Heat-Resistant Coatings Market Are Expected to Represent the ...
Heat-resistant coatings have properties such as durability, color retention, water resistance, corrosion resistance, and excellent performance upon exposure to high temperatures. Heat-resistant coatings are increasingly becoming an integral part of New ceramic coating 'boosts adoption of composites'
Zircotec says it has developed a new coating that enables composite materials to be used in areas of a vehicle where previously not possible due to high temperatures. It says it has developed the first plasma applied thermal barrier coating that can be
Turbocharging Fuel Cells with a Multifunctional Catalyst
Then a series of chemical gaps called oxygen vacancies that are built into the nanoparticles' structures suck up the oxygen ions like chains of vacuum cleaners passing the ions hand to hand to the second phase of the catalyst. The second phase is a
Engineering Materials New ceramic coating enables wider adoption of composite materials
The chemistry of the compound and the application process has been modified specifically for application to composite materials from Zircotec's pre-existing plasma-applied ceramic coating. “With combustion temperatures rising and more heat being

Thematic Books

Performance Exhaust Systems
Performance Exhaust Systems
Published by CarTech Inc 2014
ISBN 9781613251041,1613251041
144 pages
To extract maximum performance, an engine needs an efficient, well-designed, and properly tuned exhaust system. In fact, the exhaust system's design, components, and materials have a large impact on the overall performance of the engine. Engine builders and car owners need to carefully consider the exhaust layout, select the parts, and fabricate the exhaust system that delivers the best performance for car and particular application. Master engine builder and award-winning writer Mike...
Developing Solid Oral Dosage Forms
Developing Solid Oral Dosage Forms
Published by Academic Press 2009
ISBN 008093272X,9780080932729
978 pages
This book is intended for pharmaceutical professionals engaged in research and development of oral dosage forms. It covers essential principles of physical pharmacy, biopharmaceutics and industrial pharmacy as well as various aspects of state-of-the-art techniques and approaches in pharmaceutical sciences and technologies along with examples and/or case studies in product development. The objective of this book is to offer updated (or current) knowledge and skills required for rational oral...
Exhaust Purification for the Coating Process
14 pages
South African Automotive Light Vehicle Level 2
South African Automotive Light Vehicle Level 2
Published by Jones & Bartlett Learning 2013
ISBN 9781449697822,1449697828
646 pages
Powder Coating
Powder Coating
Published by CarTech Inc 2015
ISBN 9781613251423,1613251424
128 pages
Most metals, including steel, cast iron, and aluminum can be powder coated. With powder coating, these parts look brilliant and don't rust, corrode, or deteriorate. Powder coating is an attractive, tough, and resilient finish that is used to protect and preserve metals. Experienced powder-coating specialist and seasoned author Jeff Zurschmeide explains the process, principles, and options, so you can powder coat all your favorite parts and components. More durable than paint, many car owners...

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How to Buy a Diaphragm Pump
When this happens, the exhaust port becomes blocked with ice and causes the ... Hytrel is a registered trademark of DuPont. The Pavement Coatings Technology Council (PCTC) will conduct and sponsor a free sealcoating seminar at National Pavement Expo ...
Drake Off Road Ceramic Coated Long Tube Headers for 66-77 Bronco
The silver polished ceramic coating provides the ultimate thermal protection by helping to reduce under-hood heat which allows the motor to make more power. Each header is manufactured with heavy-duty features like extra-thick 3/8″ laser cut flanges to ...
Q&A with coatings specialist Zircotec: Growing pains of an SME
Coatings specialist Zircotec recently announced that it had secured a number of new OEM contracts for both OE automotive and motorcycle exhaust coatings, marking a step change in the volumes its UK-based factory is now producing. Matthew Beecham spoke to ...
Performance Road Cars & Track Day Cars
Performance Road Cars & Track Day Cars
... coating piston tops | Ceramic coating exhaust paint | Ceramic coating
... coating piston tops | Ceramic coating exhaust paint | Ceramic coating

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