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New Atlas Vanderhall goes electric for latest open air roadster
It's not a motorcycle. Not a car either. The auto-cycle rolls somewhere inbetween – a three-wheeled go-kart on steroids is how we described the Polaris Slingshot, or maybe something Batman would ride through Gotham. Vanderhall Motor Works joined in the 
Mac Rumors iPhone X Teardown: TrueDepth Camera System, Stacked Logic Board With 3GB RAM, and 2716 mAh Battery
X teardown (''), providing a closer look inside the device, including its new TrueDepth camera system, stacked logic board, L-shaped two-cell battery pack, and Qi-based inductive charging coil.
Four Wheeler Network Higher Standard: Improve Your Fourth-Gen Ram's Quality of Life With Carli Suspension's Backcountry 2.0 Lift
Out in the real world—and with the optional high-clearance control arms, torsion sway bar, dual steering stabilizers, and full Deaver spring pack on board—it's damned impressive. Not only did the 3-inch Carli system Carli Suspension's Backcountry
Christian Science Monitor Amongst Bedouins, modern life blunts demand for ancient daggers
Dagger-makers warn they may soon have to pack up their hammers and anvils for good. Now Abdulrazzak Abu Mohaisen and his four brothers use the coil and suspension springs from old cars and trucks, among other sources. Working on his own, 

Thematic Books

Chilton's Auto Repair Manual, 1993-1997
Chilton's Auto Repair Manual, 1993-1997
Published by Cengage Learning 1996
ISBN 0801979196,9780801979194
2016 pages
Provides troubleshooting charts and repair procedures
Advances in Cryogenic Engineering Materials
Advances in Cryogenic Engineering Materials
Published by Springer Science & Business Media 2013
ISBN 9781475790535,1475790538
532 pages
Proceedings of the Tenth International Cryogenic Materials Conference (ICMC) held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, July 12-16, 1993.
Mustang Performance Tuning
Mustang Performance Tuning
Published by Penguin 2015
ISBN 1557883718,9781557883711
202 pages
With more than 3 million current generation Mustangs built since 1987, this fully illustrated guide shows everything an owner needs to know to modify the Mustang for maximum performance.
Classroom Manual for Automotive Engine Performance
Classroom Manual for Automotive Engine Performance
Published by Cengage Learning 2015
ISBN 0766848647,9780766848641
540 pages
This comprehensive training and education package focuses on the major engine systems affecting engine performance and driveability, with topics ranging from engine basics to fuel, ignition, and OBD-II systems. Various manufacturers¦ vehicle systems are represented to illustrate the similarities and differences technicians will encounter today. Current and thoroughly-updated system information and diagnostic strategies in this edition, added to help students keep pace with emerging...
High-Performance Ignition Systems
High-Performance Ignition Systems
Published by CarTech Inc 2014
ISBN 9781613250808,1613250800
144 pages
High-Performance Ignition Systems: Design, Build & Install is a completely updated guide to understanding automotive ignition systems, from old-school points and condensers to modern computer-controlled distributorless systems, and from bone-stock systems to highly modified.

Bing news

New at Summit Racing: ACCEL COP Supercoils for Import Vehicles
They are OBDII compatible and install in less than an hour. The coils are available individually and in packs. The Accel COP Supercoils are available for Honda/Acura, Lexus, Mazda, Toyota/Scion, and Audi/VW vehicles.
IT HAPPENED TO ME: My Boyfriend Gave Me An Incurable STI
What that actually meant was staying back after the gigs to help coil and pack leads, clean and carefully pack his guitar (each even had its own name), stand around aimlessly while they schmoozed with their fans, bring beer as quickly as the last ran out ...
How to Install Long-Tube Headers On a 1999 C5 Corvette
We simply had to remove some lines and pull the plug wires. The driver-side required the removal of the lines, coil packs, and alternator. 05. With the stock manifolds out, it was time to get the new JBA long-tubes in place. First up was the driver-side.
Ford 4 Cylinder Coil Pack- 1st generation
Ford 4 Cylinder Coil Pack- 1st generation
universal twin post coil pack
universal twin post coil pack
commodore holden ignition coil pack
commodore holden ignition coil pack

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