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Variety Check Out The Demo For Valve's Knuckles EV2 VR Input System ...
Valve released a new demo on Thursday for its Knuckles EV2 virtual reality controller. Called Moondust, the demo is a sandbox designed to test potential game 
Charleston Post Courier King tides and rain could test Charleston's new flood control valves
Newham, a senior engineering project manager with the city, is counting on a newly installed set of check valves to protect the trouble streets from serious flooding. "If the valve on Beaufain works tonight, it'll keep Wentworth and Barre (streets
Charleston Post Courier Sun setting on Charleston's notorious 'sunny day' flooding spots
The city had check valves in place for years, but major flooding since 2015 prompted Newham and City Councilman Mike Seekings to tour the city, examine where water was deepest and take a fresh look at the city's storm drain infrastructure. That work
KMAland City, county troubleshoot Rapp Park water issue
"Backflow prevention is simply a check valve," said Martin. "But this one, I'm requesting, is one that's serviceable--one that we can get to, and check yearly. Many places in town have them--the water plant, for example, has four. A check valve is a

Thematic Books

The Valve Primer
The Valve Primer
Published by Industrial Press Inc. 1997
ISBN 0831130776,9780831130770
221 pages
Written for engineers, operators, and maintenance technicians in the power generation, oil, chemical, paper and other processing industries, The Valve Primer provides a basic knowledge of valve types and designs, materials used to make valves, where various designs should and should not be used, factors to consider in specifying a valve for a specific application, how to calculate flow through valves, and valve maintenance and repair. If you are involved in valve selection, specification,...
Valve Selection Handbook
Valve Selection Handbook
Published by Gulf Professional Publishing 1999
ISBN 0884158861,9780884158868
324 pages
This is the definitive guide to valve selection. This fourth edition is thoroughly updated, with revised and expanded chapters on pressure relief valves and rupture discs. It takes into account U.S. practices and codes as well as emerging European standards.
Valve Selection Handbook
Valve Selection Handbook
Published by Elsevier 2004
ISBN 9780080481586,0080481582
399 pages
Valves are the components in a fluid flow or pressure system that regulate either the flow or the pressure of the fluid. They are used extensively in the process industries, especially petrochemical. Though there are only four basic types of valves, there is an enormous number of different kinds of valves within each category, each one used for a specific purpose. No other book on the market analyzes the use, construction, and selection of valves in such a comprehensive manner. -Covers new...
The CRC Handbook of Mechanical Engineering, Second Edition
The CRC Handbook of Mechanical Engineering, Second Edition
Published by CRC Press 2004
ISBN 0849308666,9780849308666
2688 pages
Since the first edition of this comprehensive handbook was published ten years ago, many changes have taken place in engineering and related technologies. Now, this best-selling reference has been updated for the 21st century, providing complete coverage of classic engineering issues as well as groundbreaking new subject areas. The second edition of The CRC Handbook of Mechanical Engineering covers every important aspect of the subject in a single volume. It continues the mission of the first...
How to Build & Power Tune Holley Carburetors
How to Build & Power Tune Holley Carburetors
Published by Veloce Publishing Ltd 2015
ISBN 9781845845025,1845845021
128 pages
Expert practical advice from an experienced race engine builder on how to build an ignition system that delivers maximum power reliably.

Bing news

Only 34% of Steam users play games at 1080p, says Valve
Valve notes that most Steam gamers prefer NVIDIA cards over AMD, and DirectX 11 GPU's conquer the lesser DX10-supported cards. Other parameters prove to be pretty basic, with common specs like Windows 7 64-Bit, 8GB of RAM and 250-500 HDD's. Check below for ...
Needleless Valves Ensure Accurate Liquid Sampling
When the needleless swabbable luer activated valve is accessed by a male luer lock or male luer slip syringe, the internal duckbill check valve allows fluid samples to be taken. The one-way duckbill prevents accidental injection through the connector.
New Glove Box Controls Relative Humidity or Oxygen Levels
Safety of operator and process is accomplished with HEPA filtration, a one way check valve, and the ability to connect to a house exhaust system. The Flow Sciences design uses AGS guidelines. The glove box is designed with a 28” depth and comfortable 10 ...
585 Swing Check Valve]
585 Swing Check Valve]
Carbon Steel Swing Check Valve 150/300/600lb
Carbon Steel Swing Check Valve 150/300/600lb

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