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The Drive Upgrading Your Sealed Beam Headlights: Halogen Versus LED
As our classic cars age, their components are antiquated by the ever-forward march of automotive technology. Carburetors first yielded the throne to fuel injection at the throttle body, later swallowed down to port and direct fuel injection
Hot Rod Network New: Tame Your Carb's Idle & Drivability With K&N's ECI Plate!
Tuning a carburetor is not difficult, but it can be time-consuming and often not result in every advantage you desire. If you lean out the idle circuit so that the engine idles cleanly at operating temperature, it will likely refuse to idle when cold
Hot Rod Network Holley Super Sniper EFI Makes Up To 1250 HP For Just $1500
The Super Sniper 650 and 1250 can be as simple or sophisticated as you need. Only a few things are required to replace a carburetor with a Super Sniper: battery power, switched power, an RPM signal, coolant temp, wideband O2 sensor, and a high-pressure
Hot Rod Network What?! 33 More HP With Mufflers That DON'T Flow Any More!
Making horsepower is easy, and our 540-inch big block from BluePrint Engines made 716 hp on the engine dyno without even trying too hard. Its all forged internals mean we can eventually throw a power adder at it and make even more. The key to a

Thematic Books

Ultimate American V-8 Engine Data Book, 2nd Edition
Ultimate American V-8 Engine Data Book, 2nd Edition
ISBN 9781610592321,1610592328
Classroom Manual for Automotive Engine Performance
Classroom Manual for Automotive Engine Performance
Published by Cengage Learning 2015
ISBN 0766848647,9780766848641
540 pages
This comprehensive training and education package focuses on the major engine systems affecting engine performance and driveability, with topics ranging from engine basics to fuel, ignition, and OBD-II systems. Various manufacturers¦ vehicle systems are represented to illustrate the similarities and differences technicians will encounter today. Current and thoroughly-updated system information and diagnostic strategies in this edition, added to help students keep pace with emerging...
Published by Penguin 1994
ISBN 1557880522,9781557880529
224 pages
Explains how carburetors, manifolds, and fuel injection systems work
Today’s Technician: Automotive Engine Performance, Classroom and Shop Manuals
Today’s Technician: Automotive Engine Performance, Classroom and Shop Manuals
Published by Cengage Learning 2013
ISBN 9781285657509,1285657500
1208 pages
The 6th Edition of TODAY’S TECHNICIAN: AUTOMOTIVE ENGINE PERFORMANCE is a comprehensive learning package designed to build automotive skills in both classroom and shop settings. Following current NATEF criteria, this two-manual set examines each of the major systems affecting engine performance and driveability—including intake and exhaust, sensors, computerized engine controls, fuel ignition, and emissions. The Classroom Manual addresses system theory, while a coordinating Shop Manual covers...
Unburned Hydrocarbon Emission Mechanisms in Small Engines
Unburned Hydrocarbon Emission Mechanisms in Small Engines
Published by ProQuest 2015
ISBN 9780549801306,0549801308
355 pages
The effect of the liquid fuel in the intake manifold, the ring pack crevices and the oil film on the unburned hydrocarbon (HC) emissions of a spark-ignited, carbureted, air-cooled V-twin engine was studied. Tests were performed for a range of engine load, two engine speeds, various air-fuel ratio and with a fixed ignition timing. To isolate liquid fuel effects due to the poor atomization and vaporization of the fuel when using a carburetor, a specially conditioned homogeneous, pre-vaporized...

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Six-ual revolution… coaxing new life from an old Benelli Six
In the case of the Benelli Sei, the 3:6 carburetor ... mounting holes were several millimeters smaller than the original casing, so a multi-step drill bit was used to open them up to the correct diameter. The rear fender section, which was injection ...
Why A Carburetor Makes Your Volvo Run More Smoothly
If you’re having trouble with your Volvo with relation to the engine, fuel efficiency or the speed of the vehicle, it may be hard to tell whether you have a fuel injection problem, which is directly related to your carburetor. That’s why you should ...
Holley Terminator EFI Kit Install - Adding Fuel To An Old Fire
This is exactly what happened with the growth of Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI). Now, EFI has been around for a long time, but it wasn't until the mid '80s when Americans went "all in" and started dropping the use of carburetors. For OEs the driving ...
Injection Carburetors S.U. Carburetors Accessories for S.U. Mounting ...
Injection Carburetors S.U. Carburetors Accessories for S.U. Mounting ...

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