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The Providence Journal Car Doctor: Cabin filters should last 15000 miles
As an example, with my car, I check the filter once or twice a year and replace it when it is dirty. In the 10 years I have owned one of my cars, I replaced the cabin filter every three years or so. Q: My Mini Cooper driver's side windshield wiper Crow takes a ride on Iowa man's windshield wipers
driving to get his morning coffee captured video when a crow landed on his windshield wiper and refused to fly off. Dustin Skow posted a video to Facebook showing the crow moving up and down on the windshield wiper of his car as he drove in Ankeny.
Robb Report Jaguar's I-Pace Raises the Bar for Electric Cars
Fortunately, the risk of electrocution is pretty much nil; electric cars are well-sealed enough to endure heavy rainstorms, but Jaguar went the extra step of sealing it such that it can wade through water as deep as roughly 20 inches—at least when the
ABC15 Arizona VIDEO: Snake crawls out from car hood in Phoenix
Mahler told ABC15 he then tried to use the windshield wipers to get rid of the snake, which he believes is a bullsnake. Instead, the snake outsmarted him, latching on, and retreating back under the hood. Mahler then pulled over and couldn't find the snake.

Thematic Books

Simple Fixes for Your Car
Simple Fixes for Your Car
Published by Veloce Publishing Ltd 2013
ISBN 9781845845186,1845845188
82 pages
This book contains simple fixes for some of the most common everyday minor car problems. You don't need any mechanical skills or specialist tools, and most repairs can be done in under 20 minutes. A self-help book that everyone can understand, complete with easy to follow instructions, detailed colour photographs, and written in plain english. It is suitable for most modern cars less than 10 years old, using readily available repair parts, and without the need for a complicated and expensive...
The Car Builder's Handbook
The Car Builder's Handbook
Published by Penguin 1997
ISBN 1557882789,9781557882783
169 pages
Provides tips and techniques for constructing the body, chassis, powertrain and drivertrain, and interior, and covers all aspects of planning a project
Popular Mechanics Complete Car Care Manual
Popular Mechanics Complete Car Care Manual
Published by Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. 2008
ISBN 1588167232,9781588167231
346 pages
Vehicle maintenance.
Fuzzy Logic Controlled Car Wiper Motors
How to Make Your Car Last Forever
How to Make Your Car Last Forever
Published by Motorbooks 2010
ISBN 9781610609944,1610609948
176 pages
For many people, a well-maintained automobile is a source of pride and peace of mind. But for others, the idea of routine maintenance is daunting. How to Make Your Car Last Forever will guide you through the minefield of preventative maintenance, repair, extended warranties, and magic elixirs that claim to cure everything from oil consumption to male-pattern baldness! Author, car repair expert, and host of satellite radio show America's Car Show with Tom Torbjornsen, Tom Torbjornsen has seen...

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VIDEO: Hackers hijack a Corvette via text message
While the car sat in a parking lot, they turned on its windshield wipers. As a colleague drove it at 5 miles per hour, they put on the brakes — and were able to temporarily disable them. There’s no reason the ability would be limited to this particular ...
1969 Chevrolet Corvette 427/430 L88
Pop-up headlights, circular turn signals in the lower grille, the four-slotted side louvers for heat extraction, the vacuum-operated windshield wiper door, the single side mirror, and the chrome bumpers front and rear are all in place. Corvette coupes came ...
OPP seek culprit(s) who damaged Loughborough Public School, The Point and more in Sydenham
A cement parking block was placed on the hood of a silver Honda Accord causing damage to the hood. The windshield wiper blades were both bent and side view mirror removed. Flowers were also removed from a planter box and soil left along the sidewalk.
Car Wiper Blades Replacement
Car Wiper Blades Replacement
Car Wiper Blade (JL-360)
Car Wiper Blade (JL-360)
Product Images: car window wiper
Product Images: car window wiper

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