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ABC News 'West Wing' actress calls out Tesla after husband's car bursts into flames
McCormack, who starred on TV shows "The West Wing" and "In Plain Sight," tweeted at the car manufacturer after her husband was forced to bail from his car on Santa Monica Boulevard. "This is what happened to my husband and his car today," McCormack 
USA TODAY NTSB takes interest in Tesla fire involving family of 'West Wing' actress
She said there was "no accident," that the fire happened "out of the blue" and that she was was thankful her three daughters weren't in the car. McCormack has had parts on a number of TV shows, including the popular "West Wing." She was featured in the Tesla's Silly Falcon Wing Doors Have One Great Function
That's the British automaker's first all-electric car, and the first long-range luxury electric car to come from an extant mainstream automaker (the 238-mile Chevy Bolt resembles a more mainstream compact hatchback). But it won't be the last. We just
Big Think (blog) One of these 10 flying cars might be your future ride
It's a dream that goes way, way back: In November 1933, when Eugene Vidal (Gore's father) was working for Franklin Roosevelt's Commerce Department, he proposed awarding $1 million to anyone who could invent a flying car, a $700 “poor man's airplane.

Thematic Books

Static Aeroelastic Analysis and Tailoring of a Single-element Racing Car Wing
222 pages
Manual of Instruction
How to Make Your Car Handle
How to Make Your Car Handle
Published by Penguin 1976
ISBN 0912656468,9780912656465
200 pages
Offers instructions for tuning or modifying all car parts for improved handling, safety, and performance
Sprint Cars
Sprint Cars
Published by Bellwether Media 2006
ISBN 9781612114255,1612114253
24 pages
Sprint cars are small, speedy race cars that can be raced on paved or dirt tracks. They can move at over 140 miles per hour! Readers will explore the history of these compact, high-powered speed machines.
How to Improve & Modify Your Caravan
How to Improve & Modify Your Caravan
Published by Veloce Publishing Ltd 2012
ISBN 9781845843281,1845843282
224 pages
This step-by-step, heavily illustrated guide shows the caravan owner and user how he or she can turn their caravan into a perfect and unique holiday retreat. Based on a magazine article format, this manual is easy to use and will help you create the caravan of your dreams.

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Wings and Wheels parking and travel information
A public bus service, additional car park marshals and traffic notification signs are some of the new travel features at this year's Wings and Wheels, taking place over the August bank holiday weekend. The traffic and parking plan has undergone a ...
Huge Active Rear Wing of 2017 Ford GT Seen for the First Time in Forza Motorsport 6 - Video
When Ford introduced the 2017 GT at the Detroit Motor Show, all you had to do was get behind the car and it would become obvious that its rear wing is active - those panel gaps, as small as they are, can be found there for a reason. However, we haven’t ...
DA: Framingham man choked, backed car into fiancée
assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (car) and domestic assault and battery. Raza asked Judge Martine Carroll to hold Junior without bail, pending a hearing to determine if Junior is a danger to the public. Junior’s lawyer, Justin Wing ...
Supercars | Car Spoiler Supercars
Supercars | Car Spoiler Supercars
... Series M Coupe MotoGP Safety Car - Rear Wing - 1920x1440 - Wallpaper
... Series M Coupe MotoGP Safety Car - Rear Wing - 1920x1440 - Wallpaper

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