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Bouldercityreview Window tinting keeps car, home cooler
When we start the ascent to the summer equinox, you can really notice it in your car. Driving without tinted windows in Southern Nevada is akin to walking barefoot on blacktop — an issue I recently had to resolve. While the rear windows of my car are ASK A TROOPER: What if my eye doctor says my car windows need tint?
Question: Would law enforcement give me a citation if I have a prescription, from my eye doctor, saying that I get migraine headaches from intense lighting and my truck windows can be tinted to 20 percent on driver and passenger windows, for no more
Have tinted vehicle windows in Westmoreland County? Expect police to crack down
State law says it is illegal to drive a vehicle with window tint so dark that you can't see into the car from the outside. Limani said motorists who were found in violation of the law when they were pulled over Friday were given written warnings. “If
WWNY TV 7 Despite Law, Tinted Windows Still An Issue
Even with the passage a new law in 2017, police are still finding many cars with dark tinted windows, putting their safety at risk. Local tire and auto shops are trying to help. At Cheney Tires in Watertown, the technicians say they've had to fail cars

Thematic Books

The Four Basic Steps in Window Tinting Your Car
The Four Basic Steps in Window Tinting Your Car
Published by Armando acosta 2013
ISBN 9781475193060,1475193068
84 pages
Nothing sets off a car quite like window tint. From making it look better to cooling it off, there are numerous reasons why tinting your windows is often times a no-brainer. However, window tinting has long been viewed as one of those things you can't do yourself and still expect great results. Luckily, The Four Basic Steps in Window Tinting Your Car destroys that way of thinking and shows readers everywhere how to tint windows themselves. Filled with priceless tips and step-by-step...
Behind the Private Eye
Behind the Private Eye
Published by Chris Cooper 2015
ISBN 9780975756805,097575680X
544 pages
This book is part true-crime novel, and part textbook. It was written specifically about surveillance, as conducted by private investigators. It's virtually an industry bible, and contains an incredible volume of highly detailed how-to techniques, for virtually every area of surveillance. It covers how to get information out of people under pretext, how to follow people on foot or by car. What to expect and even how to think as a PI, in order to get great results. The book covers everything...
External Viewing of Vehicle Contents Under Varying Window Tinting and Illumination Conditions
21 pages
The purpose of this study was to determine the degree to which motor vehicle window tint films impede a police officer's ability to see clearly into a stopped vehicle. Three hundred and twenty subjects were asked to view the contems and occupants of one of four experimemal cars. One car had no aftermarket tint film and three had varying degrees of timed windows. Although similar experiments have been conducted in the past, all yielded equivocal results because of methodological flaws. This...
Criminal Interdiction
Criminal Interdiction
Published by Dog Ear Publishing 2010
ISBN 9781608448197,1608448193
128 pages
Criminal Interdiction is a book for the patrol officer who wants to perform their profession more efficiently. Future officers, students, and the general public can learn about how and why we do certain things in this countries war on crime. The focus of interdiction has always been perceived as illegal drugs, but this is just one category in many. The name Criminal Interdiction says a lot. We can make a difference by making our communities a safer place to live. Criminal Interdiction is...
Lauren Fix's Guide to Loving Your Car
Lauren Fix's Guide to Loving Your Car
Published by Macmillan 2008
ISBN 0312370792,9780312370794
204 pages
Describes how to maintain and care for automobiles to maximize their safety and longevity, including choosing the best mechanic, driving tips, and executing emergency repairs.

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Tint World® Earns Fourth Year Inc. 500|5000 Recognition
In addition to window tinting, Tint World® franchises offer sales and installation of mobile electronics, audio video equipment, security systems, auto accessories, detailing services and more. Owners are provided comprehensive corporate support during ...
Shippensburg police chief warns of tinted windows dangers to officer safety
SHIPPENSBURG – How dark are your car windows? Some drivers add tinting to reduce heat and glare, others do it for appearance. But a local police chief says there is such a thing as too much, and he’s concerned about his officers’ safety. PennDOT sets ...
Angie’s List: Options For Tinting Your Window
Tinted windows are one way to help keep your car cooler. But there are various tinting types to choose from. In this week’s Angie’s List report, Jim Donovan looks at some of the options. Window tinting has come a long way in the last 20 years.
Choose the optimal tint for your vehicle and needs.
Choose the optimal tint for your vehicle and needs.
Car Window Tinting Shades
Car Window Tinting Shades

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