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Xconomy ClearMotion Buys Bose's Car Suspension Tech to Deliver Smooth Rides
ClearMotion says it aims to deploy the Bose suspension technology across a wide range of vehicles. “These technologies will be assimilated into our product portfolio at a time [when] the car business undergoes remarkable change,” says ClearMotion CEO
Hot Rod Network Controlling Suspension Travel in Dirt Cars
The ride height changes we see on a typical dirt car could be considered extreme. But, the movement of the chassis is necessary in order to position the car the way we want it to be. We can visually see how the car is reacting on the race track, but if
CNET Bose sells its futuristic car suspension system to ClearMotion
ClearMotion, a startup that makes road-sensing technology, aims to bring Bose's secretive electromagnetic active car suspension system to a new generation of vehicles.
Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette Accidental shooting nets 10-day unpaid suspension for Champaign cop
Champaign police released this footage Thursday afternoon, Aug. 17, 2017, taken from the dashboard camera of Officer James Hobson's squad car June 11 as he initiated a traffic stop of a vehicle driven by Dehari Banks on North Fourth Street. Most of the

Thematic Books

Car Suspension and Handling
Car Suspension and Handling
Published by McFarland 2004
ISBN 0768008727,9780768008722
454 pages
This 4th Edition outlines the purpose and history of vehicle suspension systems, while defining the basic parameters of suspension geometry. The book also delves into human sensitivity to vibration, and gives data on durability, tire background information, steering calculations and suspension calculations.
The Sportscar & Kitcar Suspension & Brakes High-Performance Manual
The Sportscar & Kitcar Suspension & Brakes High-Performance Manual
Published by Veloce Publishing Ltd 2008
ISBN 9781845842079,1845842073
128 pages
How to get the best from sportscars/kit cars with wishbone front suspension, coil springs and telescopic shocks. Includes ‘chassis’ integrity, geometry, ride height, camber, castor, kpi, springs, shockers, testing & adjustment.
Competition Car Suspension
Competition Car Suspension
Published by Haynes Publishing Group 1999
ISBN 185960644X,9781859606445
268 pages
The design and development of competition car suspension systems is a vital ingredient for winning performance. In this updated title, an acknowledged expert on the subject explains in layperson's terms the theory and practice of successful suspension engineering. Recent rules changes and technological developments are incorporated into the new text, which is fully illustrated with specially prepared diagrams and close-up views of suspenson components. Appendices include information on...
Stock Car Setup Secrets
Stock Car Setup Secrets
Published by Penguin 2015
ISBN 1557884013,9781557884015
192 pages
Learn everything you need to know about winning in this hands-on guide, which features the latest stock car racing chassis and suspension technology. Subjects covered include: roll centers, chassis setup, racing shocks, aerodynamics, springs, steering systems, rear geometry, brakes, testing procedures, design priorities, chassis dynamics, bump steer, weight transfer, camber/caster/Ackermann, racing software and instructions.
Virtual Reality Simulation of a Car Suspension with Active Control Capability
Virtual Reality Simulation of a Car Suspension with Active Control Capability
Published by ProQuest 2015
ISBN 9781109199253,1109199252
137 pages
This thesis presents the evolution of a full car model into virtual reality environment to visually demonstrate the dynamics of a car resulting from various inputs controlled both passively and actively. The model is a seven degree of freedom system that can be configured to be excited by either a bump or harmonic input. Active controls available to the system include the well known Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) as well as a new Nonlinear Energy Absorber (NEA) which utilizes both nonlinear...

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1969 Chevrolet Corvette 427/430 L88
Beyond the transmission, owners could choose between several gear ratios, including the 4.56:1 rear end found on this car. Selecting the L88 engine package also meant getting some upgraded suspension gear. Coded as the F-41, the suspension package’s ...
Christ's College students escape suspension over car parking campaign
Christ's College has not suspended a group of students who went public over their car park woes. The headmaster of the prestigious central Christchurch school, Simon Leese, earlier said the pupils would face "repercussions" after they went to the media ...
Why does my car overheat?
Hello Paul, I am a regular reader of your helpful articles in My Car magazine. I drive a Toyota Harrier which ... It is also necessary to check the lower inner suspension plate bushes. These usually wear out at mileages in excess of 100,000 kms.
Muscle Car Suspension Kits
Muscle Car Suspension Kits
Car Suspension Parts
Car Suspension Parts
Car Suspension
Car Suspension

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