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Polygon How to drive like a winner in PUBG
Now that you can go fast, you can also catch some air. Catching air is fun, but it also makes you a huge target, like a roaring clay skeet soaring in a predictable arc. You can be shot out of the driver's seat just as easily there as on the ground
Classic and Performance Car New Aston Martin DB4GT driven at Goodwood
Walking up to the car in the early autumn sun brings to mind Dorothy Draper's oft-appropriated quote: 'If it looks right, it is right.' Its stance on original-type Borranis (still being made in Italy) is perfect: the DB4GT has a poise with a muted but
CAR Magazine Mayfair to Monaco: does Ford's plush Fiesta Vignale cut it?
Descending their apartment steps, well-heeled drivers make for something suitably status-confirming from the parade of cars lining the Mayfair kerbsides. Invariably the selection of vehicles conforms to the archetypal triumvirate of newly minted
CAR Magazine Five things we learned riding in the 2018 Jaguar I-Pace by CAR ...
Not the electric one - that's the i-Pace - but the small-ish SUV that sits below the F-Pace. Road test here.

Thematic Books

Quieting: A Practical Guide to Noise Control
Quieting: A Practical Guide to Noise Control
Published by The Minerva Group, Inc. 2000
ISBN 9780898750812,0898750814
164 pages
This guide offers practical solutions for ordinary noise problems that a person is likely to meet. The book describes the ways in which sounds are generated, travel to the listener, and affect his hearing and well-being. Recommendations are given for controlling noise at the source and along its path of travel, and for protecting the listener. This guide instructs the reader by way of "Warning Sings" on how to determine whether he is being subjected in his environment to prolonged noise...
Industrial Noise Control and Acoustics
Industrial Noise Control and Acoustics
Published by CRC Press 2002
ISBN 0203910087,9780203910085
552 pages
Compiling strategies from more than 30 years of experience, this book provides numerous case studies that illustrate the implementation of noise control applications, as well as solutions to common dilemmas encountered in noise reduction processes. It offers methods for predicting the noise generation level of common systems such as fans, motors, compressors, and cooling towers, selecting the appropriate equipment to monitor sound properties, assessing the severity of environmental noise,...
Active Noise Control Primer
Active Noise Control Primer
Published by Springer Science & Business Media 2012
ISBN 9781441985606,1441985603
159 pages
By providing all the basic knowledge needed to assess how useful active noise control will be for a given problem, this book assists in the designing, setting up, and tuning of an active noise-control system. Written for students who have no prior knowledge of acoustics, signal processing, or noise control but who do have a reasonable grasp of basic physics and mathematics, the text is short and descriptive, leaving all mathematical details and proofs concerning vibrations, signal processing...
Topics in Acoustic Echo and Noise Control
Topics in Acoustic Echo and Noise Control
Published by Springer Science & Business Media 2006
ISBN 9783540332138,3540332138
642 pages
This book treats important topics in "Acoustic Echo and Noise Control" and reports the latest developments. Methods for enhancing the quality of transmitted speech signals are gaining growing attention in universities and in industrial development laboratories. This book, written by an international team of highly qualified experts, concentrates on the modern and advanced methods.
Public Hearings on Noise Abatement and Control
Public Hearings on Noise Abatement and Control

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Aliso Viejo police calls Aug. 13: Limo driver napping in limo
A caller wanted a patrol check from Animal Control because there was a small dog inside a silver four-door car in the shade behind the business ... The caller was advised the noise came from a live band with a show that would be over at 7:30 p.m ...
2015 Audi RS7 : First Drive
The car you see here, is the 2015 iteration sporting all the various ... trapezoidal link rear axle with RS sport adaptive suspension plus featuring dynamic ride control. Essentially, the steel springs and shock absorbers have variable damping ...
Heat powered carbon nanotube loudspeaker demo
This research aims to refine that technology. Asgarisabet is working on active noise control and considers carbon nanotube film as a potential way to cancel out engine noise in planes or road noise in cars.
... car noise control barriers car thermal products car noise control
... car noise control barriers car thermal products car noise control
VB-4 installed onto the floorpan of a Toyota Tundra.
VB-4 installed onto the floorpan of a Toyota Tundra.

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