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WCAX No more free passes for Vt. cars with check engine lights on
MONTPELIER, Vt. () If you're one of about 14 percent of Vermonters, your car didn't pass inspection last year because your check engine light was on. However, you might have gotten a conditional pass even though your car didn't technically meet 
Charleston Post Courier Car Talk
I'm actually confused by his use of the phrase "restarting the computer. As for the starting noises, car engines, especially smaller ones, do make more noise when they first start up these days, usually as the hydraulic lifters get pressurized. If
Digital Trends Siemens' autonomous 1965 Ford Mustang is a horse that can't be tamed
Though Siemens hasn't detailed the precise type of hardware and software it installed in the Mustang, it notes that it used location scanning technology provided by Bentley Systems to create a 3D scan of the track and load it into the car's onboard
Texarkana Gazette New 2019 Jetta is VW's best compact sedan
The 2019 Jetta is the company's best compact sedan by far, a car that should make VW a must-have for the average American buyer. It's a perfect vehicle to help rehabilitate VW's image after the self-inflicted wound of rigging a half-million diesel

Thematic Books

Monitoring of a Car Engine Computer System
Engine Management
Engine Management
Published by CarTech Inc 2007
ISBN 9781934709719,1934709719
128 pages
Explains how the EFI system determines engine operation and how the calibrator can change the controlling parameters to optimize engine performance taking engine-tuning techniques to the next level. It is a must-have for tuners and calibrators and a valuable resource for anyone who wants to make horsepower with a fuel-injected, electronically controlled engine.
Popular Mechanics Complete Car Care Manual
Popular Mechanics Complete Car Care Manual
Published by Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. 2008
ISBN 1588167232,9781588167231
346 pages
Vehicle maintenance.
How to Tune and Modify Engine Management Systems
How to Tune and Modify Engine Management Systems
Published by Motorbooks International 2004
ISBN 9780760315828,0760315825
272 pages
Drawing on a wealth of knowledge and experience and a background of more than 1,000 magazine articles on the subject, engine control expert Jeff Hartman explains everything from the basics of engine management to the building of complicated project cars. Hartman has substantially updated the material from his 1993 MBI book Fuel Injection (0-879387-43-2) to address the incredible developments in automotive fuel injection technology from the past decade, including the multitude of import cars...
How to Plan and Build a Fast Road Car
How to Plan and Build a Fast Road Car
Published by Veloce Publishing Ltd 2015
ISBN 9781904788782,1904788785
144 pages
Modifications that work for road cars Introduces and explains the 4 aspects of performance Guides readers through alternatives, to enable good decisions. Applicable to all makes and models of car. Helps prioritise spending on modifications. Ensures your project car is one of the best. Ensures money isn't wasted on ideas that don't work.

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Why does my car overheat?
Hello Paul, I am a regular reader of your helpful articles in My Car magazine. I drive a Toyota Harrier ... When you remove the thermostat permanently you will cause the engine to run hot all the time as the engine computer assumes that it is cold.
Car hackers strike again
The hackers were able to enter the car’s computers via the infotainment system ... and use it to control certain features of the car, like the brakes, engine and transmission. “We acquired some of these things, reverse engineered them, and along ...
What It’s Like to Race a 10-Second Cobra Jet Mustang
Finally the belts were tight and the door shut and both windows up and I was suited and rolling with the engine ... cars are paired using a “handicapped start” system based on dial-in. Dial: The projected e.t. entered in the timing computer to arrange ...
ecu car engine computer board siemens ecu 90 pin connector 130 40mm ...
ecu car engine computer board siemens ecu 90 pin connector 130 40mm ...
... Big-Dipper-Car-engine-computer-board-0261208185-465-UAES-BOSCH-ECU.jpg
... Big-Dipper-Car-engine-computer-board-0261208185-465-UAES-BOSCH-ECU.jpg
An engine diagnostic is a test which is performed to learn more about ...
An engine diagnostic is a test which is performed to learn more about ...

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